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Lets check out London

By: Debra Finnigan

Living in Israel is great for many reasons but if you like traveling it’s actually really close to many great countries. Traveling to London is only four and half hour’s journey and there are made economic and more luxurious travel packages to choose from.

So it’s your first time London,. You have heard so much about this great city. You will likely stay in the centre of the city or the surrounding areas. Even if that is the case you will likely have heard of Golders Green. The epicenter of a lot of what the Jewish community offers in London.  There is an abundance of Kosher restaurants from many styles, from the Israeli Falafel and shwarma store based on a rustic Israeli shwarma experience to great chinease and Italian cuisine. There is a really strong Israeli feel as well in Golders Green apart from the restaurants, like the Steimatzky book store on the central Golders Green road. Another noted culinary experience is Rubin’s meet restaurant. The salt beef sandwich is to ‘die for’ and worth making it a stop on one of your trips around the city.

Many people come to London to see Royalty. While you may not be so lucky to see the Monarch we have to start with Buckingham Palace, the official residents of the Queen.  During the summer months the Residence are open to the public and you can see where the Queen entertains her guests.

From one royal residency to another, the Tower of London is an historic fortress which now houses the royal armory and show cases a lot of the history the palace has seen over the centuries. You can meet the beefeaters who are charged with managing the grounds on behalf  of the Queen. A wonderful part of the tour is seeing the crown jewels. A tour with beefeater will give you a wonderful insight into all these parts and more.

Onto more sightseeing might bring you to the London eye. The London eye is a big observation wheel which lifts you high above London’s sky line lets you see a 360 degree view of central London.  The views are spectacular worth a visit.

If shopping is more your thing, London will not disappoint with London being a fashion centre of the world a huge range of fashion with all fashion labels establishing flagship stores in the capital. Harrods is a beautiful department store bringing together everything luxurious the world can offer. Miss Selfridge is another department store bringing the fashion labels under one roof.

The British Museum was founded in 1753 is a fabulous collection of artifacts brought together from early stages of human history. Important objects in the collection included Rosetta stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies.

Convent Garden is a great mix of fashion, food and street performing.  Its a great spot to get a taste of some great British culture. They regularly have a market of handmade products from jewelry to hand painted post cards.

This is so much to see in London and the Londoners’ are so used to the tourists checking out London my advice before I sign off is to get off the main roads take  left from bond street and find the little gems most tourist won’t find and your get back safely with the help of the locals. Enjoy!










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