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Facts About the Sharon Region

Israel is one of the most intriguing and holiest places to visit in the world, and Israel attractions are not far behind. Tourist attractions in Israel abound across the country, and there is something for everyone to enjoy, from gardens to archaeological sites to commemorative museums. With the large amount of things to do, it would be difficult to choose only a few places, but if you happen to be in certain areas during your vacation, there are several particularly intriguing things to see in Israel.

Sharon area stretches from Haifa in the north to the Yarkon River in the south. It mains cities are Netanya, Herzlya, Raanana and Petah Tikva. It extends 187 km (117 miles) along the Mediterranean coast. At its broadest near the Gaza Strip, the coastal plain is 48 km (30 miles) wide. It is known throughout the country, but by various names. North of Haifa, it is called the Plain of Zebulun; from Haifa to Tel Aviv, the Plain of Sharon; and South of Tel Aviv, it's called the Plain of Judea.

Except for the sandy beach and dune area of Tel Aviv, the coastal plain has been a fertile farming ground for hundreds of years. It is the center of the country's citrus farms, and it contains some of the largest, most successful agricultural settlements in the country.

The soil of the coastal plains is formed from two kinds of thick, sedimentary river deposits. One is dark and heavy, which is ideal for growing field crops; and the other, which is excellent soil for citrus, is thin and sandy.

Only two significant rivers cross the coastal plain: the Yorkor, which is 42 km (26 miles) long and flows from the Judean Hills near Jerusalem into the Mediterranean, and the 43 km (27 miles) long Kishan, which flows into the Gulf of Acre near Haifa. As the rivers are small, most water for drinking and irrigation must come from wells.

The Sharon region is Israel's most populated region. Two thirds of Israel's populations live there. Major Coastal cities include Haifa, Israel's chief port; Tel-Aviv, the most populous city; and Ashdod, the end point for an important pipeline. Even though the coastline is very long, there are few natural harbors long enough for tankers or container ships.

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