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Great Range of Kids Fashion to Choose From

By: Debra Finnigan

Children’s fashion in Israel has firmly established itself alongside men’s and woman’s fashion. A number of Israeli brands have helped established the market with great sources of wonderful fashion. Brands outside of Israel seeing the demand for different tastes have found their way to our shores. There is really great news for this sector with continued interest from wonderful brands from abroad. We look at some great options for children from newborns to older boys and girls.

Castro is a strong Israeli brand that offers a mix of put together looks with a very relaxed and chilled feel for kids. Their clothing range, starts for newborns all the way to 14 years of age for boys and girls. This winter you can expect a young guys and girls rocker influencing the clothing range. The newborn range 0-3 years of age is quite classic and cute, something you would be happy to put on your baby. The boys 3 to 24 months feature some great pieces. Standout pieces are the tweets bird pattern top and a really playful strawberry top. A standout piece for the boys in the same age range is a cute pattern with letters and numbers positioned like you see them at the eye doctor. The older kids you see a much stronger rock feel coming through the clothes. Cross bones patterns with dark colors next to other more playful animal inspired patterns and pictures.

Fox is a playful sweats store an Israeli version of Gap. With jumpers and sweat pants in an array of wonderful colors line the store. The fashion line features a great selection of cartoon decorated hoodies and jumpers. The range is available for both boys and girls and from baby and older children.

H&M has a very strong European put together anesthetic. It seems that even with some playful pieces the general feel is mini adults going to somewhere nice on their off day. Jeans matches with blazers and strong printed tops for the girls.

Honigman continues to take two very strong trends and that seem to work very well together. Kids clothes for a long time have worked a long the same general adult design ‘look’ producing some really cute results. There is a really strong trend for clothes inspired by 60’s and 70’s designs and the two elements work well. The girls have really nice knitted tops and short, fun skirts to match with the. The standard trousers and tops for both boys and girls are there but the standout pieces are really worth a look.

The Childrens Place, you may know from America. For those that don’t know its large kids store. From the success of Fox bringing American Eagle to Israel they have received the license to bring this wonderful children’s fashion chain to Israel in mid 2014. You can expect a strong American feel and quality at affordable prices.

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