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Things to do during the winter in Tel Aviv

12-10-2013 / By: Easy Life

The winter has arrived and it’s time to look at things we can do while is raining outside. Israel is naturally a Mediterranean country leaning to living in a hot climate but when it rains there is actually a great things to do.  Let us look at Tel Aviv to see what’s available during the winter months.

The beach is a great place to relax but while it’s cold we suggest going to the promenade. The 14 kilometer promenade is usually overlooked by most people during the summer but it’s a really wonderful place to relax.  Taking a walk along the promenade you can take in the coastal views and fresh breeze. Parts of the promenade have been developed with restaurants, other leisure and shopping centers to enjoy the area.  In the winter the sun sets early and getting to the north of the promenade, a particularly popular area, can give you a really great spot to enjoy the natural beauty.   

The culture in the City is wonderful. There is a plethora of wonderful music and theatre events you can enjoy and escape from the cold and rain. While the number of art galleries could give you a warm place to go to and see what is on offer and may be find something for a bare wall in your house. Other great cultural location is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art forming an eclectic collection of renowned artists including Van Gogh, Picasso. The winter is a great time to check out some museums like the Diaspora Museum, telling the stories of Jews and Jewish communities around the world.

The Carmel market is the biggest market in Tel Aviv and a mix of sound, smell and sound. The spice and fruit stalls with the other stalls selling an array of products for the house, clothes and toys. The market is covered and people can enjoy the market if the weather turns.

Tel Aviv has night life that could put other cities to shame. A good night out on the town could start at one of the many restaurants to then proceed to a bar for some drinks and then you could decide to enjoy some dancing at the discotheque. The some really nice areas to enjoy the famous Tel Aviv nightlife are the Tel Aviv port area, ha-Yarkon Street along the Promenade as well as the ha-Arbaa street and the Rothschild Boulevard. There some great movie theatres to pick from if you want to get to a warmer spot.

If you want to enjoy some clothes shopping there is a great range of brands to choose from around the city to warm yourself up with some winter fashion.  North face and Columbia clothing brands have stores here providing coats to protect you from the rain. While established brands like Zara, Renuar and H&M all have great winter collections giving everyone a chance to renew their jumpers and warm clothing for the cold weather.   

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