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Great Italian Cuisine in Tel Aviv

03-06-2014 / By: Easy Life

During the 90’s Italian was the rage and the restaurant where doing great business. In Israel it was no different and as different foods have come into style Italian cuisine has become a great established food and will probably never go out of style. While Israelis are infatuated with Japanese and Mediterranean styled food we look at some of the breakaway leaders of the Italian restaurant scene in Tel Aviv. 

Piccola Pasta

Simple Italian food doesn’t come much better set in a intimate and well hidden location. It’s laid out on two floors with an open kitchen and inviting bar. Even with its limited menu is delivers mouth watering vegetarian dishes with some notable fish ingredients. If you’re looking for sophisticated dishes we will point those out but here is all about the pasta. A notably tasty dish is their pizza with anchovies and the asparagus antipasti. With 250 wine labels and well stocked bar you will not go thirsty. So with great wine plus great pasta and not a drop of pretense you have a great Italian restaurant. Have a look at 53 Ben Yehuda St


If you stumble into this restaurant and think you just found yourself in Italy your sharing in Rafi Adar’s vision.  He put his restaurant in a wonderful corner in Tel Aviv. It’s very elegant and great thematic lighting.  Their stands out dishes are defiantly Carpaccio with parmigiano, Spaghetti calamari with asparagus and zucchini; winter lamb ossobuco that goes well with risotto. Outside provides a great place to enjoy the warm night air. The Italian Chamber of Commerce has sung its praises for promoting great Italian culture. It is the huge number of repeating customers who really testify to this wonderful restaurant.

Cucina Tamar

Tamar Cohen definitely knows something about pasta. If you forget that you’re not sitting in the attractive part of town you can focus on the pasta to die for. The food is very homey and understated and really delicate to the palate. Two dishes to try are Artichoke tortellini that are perfect and divine while the parmigiano that offers seven small dishes, each made with fine Parmesan cheese is something really special and different.  Have a great night out at 10 Hatzefira St.

Mel & Michelle

The trendy restaurant on our list is Mel and Michel by, you guessed it, Mel and Michelle. The freestyle, Italian feel menu uses the fresh and simply awesome food to carry the vision for this great restaurant. You will definitely enjoy their homemade cured meats and duck as well as cheese filled gnoche. The ambience will make a great evening out.   Address: 155 Ben Yehuda St.

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