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The Best of French Cuisine in Tel Aviv

French cuisine is alive and well in Tel Aviv and a wonderful array of small boutique restaurants and well developed French Bistro brings out the wonderful flavors that French food is famous for. We take a look at three of the best the city can offer.

Great Options for Vacation Rentals in Tel Aviv

Vacationing in Israel is a great way to enjoy some rest and relaxation. There are so many great cities beyond the well known destinations. If you have already have your sights on a nice place in Tel Aviv there are still a flood of choices for you’re to decide on.   Obviously you have your wonderful hotels in all shapes, sizes and budgets but many are turning to renting out apartment to give themselves freedom, manage their budget ad see the city from a different angle.

Car Rental in Israel

Having a car while you are in Israel will give you a great opportunity to see the country and take in the sites. Renting is similar to the process in most developed countries. The Countries size will allow you to drive the length and breadth quickly and with a good road system, connecting all the cities together, you will really see Israel for what is - a beautiful, scenic country.

Lets check out London

By: Debra Finnigan
Living in Israel is great for many reasons but if you like traveling it’s actually really close to many great countries. Traveling to London is only four and half hour’s journey and there are made economic and more luxurious travel packages to choose from.

Traveling Destinations in Israel for Passover

Passover in Israel is one of the busiest holidays of the year for visitors and events. Tourists fly in from all over to visit various destinations in Israel as well as spending the holidays with family and friends. Passover is an important event in the Jewish calendar and is marked across Israel. The first and last days of Passover are public holidays in Israel, and the intermediate days are popular times for families to take vacations and day trips. As a result, events for Passover take place across Israel throughout the period, some religion based, others designed for kids, and families meaning there are loads of great things to do in Israel for Passover.

Winter Road Safety Tips When Driving in Israel

Growing up in a climate where it snowed over a foot, I was accustomed to snow storms that predictably happened every winter season. Every now and then, school was canceled. Otherwise, life moved on and the roads were clear within an hour. Although I live in Israel where snow is scarce, if not non-existent, it’s always exciting to hear about weather reports on the possibilities of snow.

A Tour Guide to Israeli Food

When people think of Italian food, pasta is the first thing that comes to mind. A lot of people associate Chinese food with rice and chicken fused with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. When you think about Israel, food is probably not the first thing to come to mind. Most people visualize holy places, world class museums, and beautiful beaches.  So what defines Israeli food? Aside from hummus and falafel, many people draw a blank when it comes to Israeli food. What do Israelis eat? What kind of foods and cuisines are there in Israel?


Spa Vacations in Israel

Israel is known for having several very attractive resorts frequently visited by tourists who are concerned about their health. Known for having a widespread hot springs, sophisticated spa hotels and sunny climate thus making Israel a country that can offer its visitors a vacation focusing on their health, or a one-day visit to a health resort as part of the tour. The Dead Sea tops the list of therapeutic resorts, and is famous for its high concentration of salts and minerals.


Facts About the Sharon Region

Israel is one of the most intriguing and holiest places to visit in the world, and Israel attractions are not far behind. Tourist attractions in Israel abound across the country, and there is something for everyone to enjoy, from gardens to archaeological sites to commemorative museums. With the large amount of things to do, it would be difficult to choose only a few places, but if you happen to be in certain areas during your vacation, there are several particularly intriguing things to see in Israel.


Hotels in Northern Israel

Known for its scenic view, crisp air, and history, Northern Israel is one of the most popular choices for vacation spots among tourists and visitors.  Northern Israel is nestled along the Mediterranean Sea and is full of mountains, rolling hills and valleys. Main attractions in the region include the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem. When making arrangements, you can find many hotels close to Mediterranean eateries and plenty of recreation. With rural little cabins (known as Zimmers), seaside resorts, a variety of hotels and guest houses, the north of Israel offers tourists plenty in the way of accommodation. These are some of the most recommended hotels, and guest houses in the north of Israel:

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