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Great Range of Kids Fashion to Choose From

By: Debra Finnigan

Children’s fashion in Israel has firmly established itself alongside men’s and woman’s fashion. A number of Israeli brands have helped established the market with great sources of wonderful fashion. Brands outside of Israel seeing the demand for different tastes have found their way to our shores. There is really great news for this sector with continued interest from wonderful brands from abroad. We look at some great options for children from newborns to older boys and girls.


Men's Shopping in Israel

By: Debra Finnigan

Shopping in Israel can be great fun. There are number of great shopping malls and great streets to window shop or expand your wardrobe.  If you’re in Tel Aviv the Dizengoff and Azieli centres and the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem are great Shopping centers that will definitely fulfill all your needs. Men’s clothing here in Israel has some great outlets keeping up with the trends. You have a number of Israeli stores and the developing presence of imported branding realizing the need for different designs and an eager public interested to see what is available beyond Israeli shores.


Guide to Shopping for Passover in Israel

Passover is one the few Jewish holidays that is strictly observed by Jews of all religious affiliations and backgrounds (considered that they minimally had a Jewish upbringing). While some wait a week before the holiday to clean their houses, others begin shortly after Purim. You may have already prepared a menu or you may still be contemplating what to buy.

Finding the Right Farmers Market For You

A farmers market is a culinary institution where you can find in any major city in the world that brings a local, fresh and high quality produce from the countryside to the city center. The Farmers Markets in Israel present approximately 50 producers from all over Israel, who are selling their local, fresh, small scale and quality produce.

Hummus, an Israeli Love Story

Hummus is a favorite Middles Eastern spread in Israel. It is practically served at every meal in almost every Israeli home. Hummus consists of cooked mashed chickpeas with tahini seasoned with lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, a bit of paprika and parsley.  Tubs of hummus fill refrigerators all over the globe, but where can the best be found? One contender for the gold medal is Israel, where, despite political differences, locals have embraced this Arabic dish as their own.

Shopping For Clothing in Israel

Shopping designers’ clothes and accessories in Israel is a unique experience of its own. It is kind of in the middle between the ordinary shopping experience you might be familiar with from your hometown in the US, Australia, Canada or Europe, and the surreal one of shopping in the markets of exotic places around the world country, where everything is handmade, colorful and fun to wear. Israel is a small country but due to the dynamic and creative temper of its people, there are lots of artists and designers. They live all across the country, but as we live in the center of Israel our recommendations of shopping in Israel are focused mainly in Tel-Aviv and the center.


Understanding Israeli Food Culture

Israel’s food culture is almost as diverse as its inhabitants. Being a “melting pot” country, it seems like those migrating to Israel in the past 6 decades have been throwing into the pot everything from Eastern European to North African traditional Jewish cooking. Mixed with the Arab kitchen of the region as well as Mediterranean influences and other global trends, Israel’s food is a fusion of East & West, speaking all languages and serving every taste.


Best Quality Olive Oil in Israel

Olive oil is the most used condiment in most cookery and deep frying. Not only does it add flavor to the food but it offers its nutritional benefits as well. Derived from mashed or pressed olives, olive oil is well known for its distinct aroma and flavor. Olive oil is versatile and can be used in many different cooking manners, including sauteing, stir frying, in marinades, or simply used as a dip for bread. Most olive oil comes in virgin, extra virgin, pure and light versions. Virgin means that no chemicals were used in the process of extracting the oil from the fruit. Extra virgin means that the olive oil has undergone several tests to confirm its taste and to verify that it is free of defects. Light olive oil is not pure virgin olive oil. This form is a blend of pomade olive oil, which is olive oil that is extracted from the fruit using heat and chemicals, and virgin olive oil.


Shopping Tips for The Jewish Holidays

Shopping for the holidays can be emotionally and financially taxing. There is always an endless grocery list of items to purchase; some of whom we can really do without. Shoppers tend to buy more than they really need thus exceeding over the budget and not having enough money to buy the holiday essentials. Stores and supermarkets tend to be overcrowded around the holidays. There is much hustle and bustle searching for the best bargains as the shelves empty out. And there is a continuous checkout line that extends to the back of the store as people wait anxiously to finalize their purchases.  Shopping for the holidays doesn’t have to be that stressful and expensive Holidays are meant to be celebrated with joy and happiness; not to hyperventilate over. Below are some helpful tips that can save money and time.


Shopping in Eilat

Eilat, is known as the tourist and vacation city located at the southernmost point in Israel. Not only does it offer tourist items and souvenirs, but it has imported electrical appliances and clothing as well. Eilat's main shopping area is around the Ocean Mall shopping center and along Eilat's Promenade.
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