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Distance Learning in Israel

By: Gideon Lyons
Distance Learning in Israel

While most people planning to go to university will end up studying in their home country there are many options to travel to other countries to continue their studies in colleges connected to your institution and retain and collect credits from your college back home. Israel has developed impressive connections with broad range of universities from Europe and the United States. Student’s options are constantly expanding as a greater number of institutions and courses choose to link with universities throughout the country. Students are no longer limited by the city they wish to live in or the subject they wish to study.


There are a number of NGO’s in Israel and around the world that want students to see the value that Israel can have in their lives. Israel is a well developed country with five major educational centers in the country offering a high level of education to citizens and guests.  Many students have not been to Israel and during their student years can afford to continue studying while forging a relationship with a country that feels a great affection and connection towards them. These NGO’s have developed rich relationships with many prestigious colleges and arrange a yearly visit for delegates to see the infrastructure in Israel for themselves. There agreement that Israel can meet the rigorous educational levels required of their student body has lead to wonderful acceptance of the distance learning programs in Israel.  

A large student body is connected to Israel having come on vacations, educational trips or during a gap year.  The demand to enjoy spending time in Israel during their college education has grown rapidly and has only been a catalyst for further links to be forged between other universities in America, their courses and the universities in Israel.  

Culture and Opportunities

Israel sits at a cross roads between religious, cultural and political interests. University courses allow for students to develop their understanding and involvement in these and many other areas.  Many people while studying  in Israel  will supplement there studies with time enjoying religious study or dialogue on a range of subjects, visiting  holy sites throughout Israel and really enjoying the religious elements that are on offer in this country. Israel has obviously played a big part in the development of the Jewish people and seeing where it all began, being part of the Israeli society can be enriching and interesting. Visiting the amazing historical sites up and down the country is great opportunity to forge a lifelong bond between the students and the country, to stay with them, wherever they end up after their studies. The political situation in the region is a hot bed of discussion and it’s difficult for anyone to understand and appreciate the political landscape through the filter of CNN, BBC or FOX. Students interested in understanding the situation have a great opportunity to see firsthand the complex situation, especially if they are studying subjects related to politics.

There are a number of organizations that work with the universities in Israel to develop a course for students to study hard while pursuing the areas that interest them, from arranging religious courses to tiyulim and meeting political figures.




There are five main colleges in Israel that work with colleges abroad, namely,  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the University of Haifa, Bar-Ilan University, and the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, meeting with top administrators and international student coordinators. They coordinate programs on a complete range of subjects and are fully credited from the leading universities like Brandeis University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Tulane and Yale University. For the most part this relationship will allow students to study in Israel for a year. Some colleges in America will give credits to study the whole course in Israel while fulfilling specific requirement back home in America. Tel Aviv University has a far more comprehensive list of another 24 colleges it also works with to bring education to students from the U.S. A number of Universities from England also offer courses to be studied in part in one of the universities in Israel.  

Smaller universities like the college of Law and Business are developing a boutique style, smaller study program for both Israeli’s and people from abroad to study at a particularly high level.

The Weizmann Institute of Science accepts selected students from all over Europe and North America they can take part in a range of research projects developed in the Institute. The Weizmann Institute has held a prominent position on the world stage in Science and many students hope to be able to be accepted on one of these research programs.

Open University

Open University is a program conceived in England where students can apply for a course and study the course remotely while studying at their own pace. The university offers the chance to continue there studies in Israel, where the centre in Raanana offers students support for their studies.

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