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E-commerce tecnnology treands

E-commerce tecnnology treands

With technology and trends changing amongst your customers and the e-commerce community on a regular basis, suggestions to implement the best practice to take into account these changes can help you offer the best services to your customers and remain competitive.

Big data

Managing big data can give you information about your customers, their purchases and markets your service.  Apart from SEO and the funnels that customers continue on towards buying a product, big data empowers the service you can provide. The invaluable data can support grievances against your service, improve the selection of products your have and identify how best to improve your catalog, while successfully promoting it. Incorporating big data into your website needs database configuration to protect the information and to manage it properly. Data driven architecture will provide a greater amount of integration for your website.

Fast Website

While a fast website has always been an important. Google’s ongoing evaluation of what is considered a good website has made speed a really important point to consider. While websites have developed with more features, websites need to remain fast.  Google sees your fast website as providing an efficient and fast service to your interested customers that are happy to get your service quickly.

Search results came up as the most important part of using ecommerce sites.  You need to make sure people get to see exactly the products they searched for. Faceted navigation is a very popular approach to search allowing your customers search according to specific details.  While you will find customers enjoying this approach, Google warns that duplication is the worst thing you can do. Faceted navigation can increase duplication, managing the products properly will make sure you don’t suffer from product copies. PHP programming can improve the search process with autocorrect auto fill options to make it easier for customers to search. A bookstore allows users, who have forgotten a books name or facts to start writing and the search bar will provide results that closely match. This search development has brought additional interest and revenue to the store. Customers have said they don’t bother with websites they can’t search, a bold and clearly positioned search bar will make sure your customers will stay on your site.


People can only manage seven pieces of information at once. This well known information has been applied to structuring navigation and the number of categories. Other research shows to many categories can put off customers and customers and forget that there are categories beyond a certain number, usually about seven.  Descriptive categories are clearer for users to associate what the section is dealing with, improving navigation.

Dynamic Design

Dynamic design is a great way to drive sales. It’s a design that arranges your products by popularity. A website that knows what people want and can deliver them is a really successful website. You will have happy customers and great revenue if you manage to simply deliver what they want. To do that you can start by organizing the products by popularity.  These products are likely to meet the needs of your customers. Studies following people’s eye and mouse movement found that the first 30% of the website is where they spend the most time. People complaining that they can’t find something might just be because they don’t want to look past the first two lines of products.

Your customers’ attention span is shortening so the challenge to engage customers has developed to keep your customers shopping on your site. The Layout of your website can change from pages of information to a simple arrangement. It’s a buzz word and blog posts and descriptions have begun to shrink in size and while we disgust the option to provide a lot of information on products its only an option after a short concise description. It is all people have time for and willing to concentrate for.

Quick View of Information

While people want to be able to find what they are looking for and leave, they also want a lot of data about each product. As people have got used to shopping they have enjoyed getting as much information as they can on the product. Quick views are definitely a part of the best of web design since people are not interested in reading lengthy descriptions on products. You have to be aware of the need to get all that great information and make it available when they want it. There is a balance that you have to find. Required elements of a good quick view layout are a small HD picture, short product description and price.

Website Design

Flat design is a simplified design that will allow your design and information to display in various formats. As more people look at your content between computers and other handheld devices, flat design will become more prominent. The design removes any shading or distorted arrangements of products in the catalog. While this aesthetic dictates simple lines and strong colours away from complex presentations that we have become used to, this approach allows a great deal flexibility which your customers will love.

These same principles have caused websites to make sure there designs are finger friendly. As simple design structures become part of your website consider how people will see and use your website with a swipe of their finger. Your customers will appreciate the ease in which they can move around your website with an easy click and swipe rather than finding difficult buttons and badly positioned pictures.  


With everyone with a high definition device available people expect to be able to see great, bright and strong pictures of the products.  Your customers will shop on their mobile devices and they want to see a great picture of the product, giving them confidence to buy. Good pictures are not a great feature but a necessary element of a good website.

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