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Social Media on Fire in Israel

12-25-2013 / By: Easy Life

Social Media has developed into a world of its own. With a number of web based communities allowing for a whole range of services. These services are based mostly  in America and have mainly provided for the English speaking community. Coming to Israel, people are not always aware of the services available in Israel and those new to the society. It’s clear from these social websites that that as much as there is great thing happening around the world, Israel is as rich and as current as ever before.

Twitter has become a great place for the more mature social media user and as it has developed the Israel Israeli Community has used it as a way to communicate their opinions for every area of international news and media. It has become a main stay for the national community to communicate together with the wonderful community on twitter. It makes keeping up to date really exciting. Even for many who don’t know anyone they can start straight away becoming part of the community and society in Israel.

Facebook is a service that has added so much to services in Israel. The groups section has allowed so many people to create groups that have provided support f or so many communities here in Israel. When people would come from other countries to live in Israel they were lost. Facebook groups have allowed numerous groups for each city in Israel to be creates and communicate the myriad number of services large and small and events large and small for the English speakers particularly and for the community in Israel in general. Then the other groups like the fashion group, the hobby groups, the political and social activism groups that have enriched society in Israel with great results

YouTube is great for videos and media but the TV channels in Israel have been empowered by YouTube’s professional services and the channels provide great places to stay in touch with the entertainment and media in Israel.

Tapuz is one of the social websites that bring a uniquely Israeli feel to social media, exclusively from an Israeli perspective. The site has a job sections with a social section and media area. It is an Israel social site as vibrant as the international sites. Take a look and see the great communities developing particularly on Tapuz.

Walla is a search engine but as Google has done with its many apps, Walla has also many services and functions to develop a wonderful community, communicating the great things and current events occurring throughout the country.

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