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A wonderful Day Jerusalem at the Spa

05-04-2014  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Traveling around Israel you may get a chance to stay in the leading luxury hotels in the city. Even if you dont have a chance to enjoy their complete hospitality, staying at the hotel you can definitely take a day out and enjoy the services. Some of the best spas in Jerusalem are managed by the best hotels in the city and you can enjoy some pampering and rest and relaxation. The gym facilities can let you work off your meal that you enjoyed at the many top class restaurants in the city. The message and therapeutic spa treatments will make you feel like you dont want to leave and sauna will lets you have a perfect detox. You can finish it all off with a relaxing swim in the pool.


Achieving Post Holiday Weight Loss

04-02-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Most people experience weight gain over the holidays. We tend to eat more than our share. Who can resist the holiday desserts and extravagant meals? But who can fight the disappointment of the extra weight weve consequently put on?  As frustrating as a little extra flab may be, there are things you can do to get back on track. From juicing to exercise, here are a few ideas to cleanse your body and work off those unwanted holiday pounds.

Good Fats versus Bad Fats

03-27-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Staying in shape during the holidays can be challenging to some people. Rather than applying portion control, they are unable to resist the temptation of eating dishes that are exclusively made for the holidays. A lot of dishes are not always nutritious and contain high content in sugar, sodium and fat. Certain fats are hard to avoid. Making distinctions between the fats that are good and bad for you can help you stick to your healthy diet on Passover.  We all want to shape in shape and enjoy the dishes we eat. Here is how we can.

Cosmetic Acne Treatments: Can Medicated Makeup Effectively Treat Acne?

03-21-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Acne is a skin condition caused by pores that are clogged with excess skin oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells.  While acne is prevalent among adolescence, adults can be affected by it as well. Acne can make people self-conscious about their physical appearances and can have embarrassing psychosocial on the individual suffering from acne.

Boost Your Health with These 5 Winter Foods

03-10-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Although there are not that many options of produce in the winter, there are winter foods that boast some surprising health benefits. Below are 5 of the healthiest foods you should be eating during the winter.

Skin Nutrition and Astaxanthin

02-27-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Known as one of natures antioxidant, Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients in the world. Its health benefits range from improving tendon, joint and muscle pain, arthritis and tennis elbow to enhancing your skin. As a result, athletes have embraced this antioxidant as an essential part of their training regimen while cosmetic companies are also tripping over themselves to add antioxidant powerhouse to their skincare creams.

The Bright Side of Eating Dark Chocolate

02-10-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Chocolate has always been my long-time favorite confection. There was no end to my craving for this cocoa delight.  And now Ive learned that chocolate does include some health benefits as well. In fact, studies have shown that dark chocolate may contribute to improved cardiovascular health.

Foods that Increase Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

02-06-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
When we are dieting, we are always told to limit the intake of what we eat and avoid eating certain foods. Most of us turn to slim down products and even skip meals which are not only ineffective but counterintuitive. But not all foods hinder on your goals to lose weight. In fact, some of them may even help you lose weight and boost your metabolism.  New research directs to more than a dozen foods that can help you fight hunger, kick your candy addiction, boost your metabolism and ultimately shed pounds. And some of these super foods deliver health bonuses too. So dont just give up your meat and potatoes yet.

Facts and Myths about Weight Loss and Fitness

01-30-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
There are many misconceptions about weight loss and fitness. While some rules are necessary to follow when trying to stay in shape, but other tips may not be as accurate or can even extenuate your goals to lose weight. With all the suggestions and arguments as to which weight loss fads work the best, it can sometimes be hard to distinct between the ones are true and which are false.

How to Treat Damaged Hair Naturally

01-24-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Hair is considered to be everyones crowning joy.  A lot of people, especially women, spend an exorbitant amount of money and time treating, styling and nourishing their hair. There are many ways for you to make your hair look great such as blow-drying, coloring, straightening, even using hair products.  But if you are not careful, all those things can cause a great deal of damage to your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy or broken.  

Causes and Treatments for Teen Acne

01-16-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Acne is a skin condition that invariably affects most teenagers .This condition results from the action of hormones on the skin's oil glands (sebaceous glands). The sebaceous glands make an oily substance called sebum that empties onto the skin surface through the hair follicle opening (pore). The mixture of oil and cells allows bacteria that normally live on the skin to grow in the follicle openings. When this happens, pores become clogged and pimples develop.

Israeli Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

01-09-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

The Israeli cosmetics industry is well known worldwide for its unique utilization of Dead Sea minerals, coupled with top quality components. These products can be found in the leading chains in the USA, Europe and the Far East. In addition, a number of companies have concentrated on the cosmeceutical market, incorporating exotic components for maximum efficiency. The organic cosmetics trend is also making strides, making use of the latest preservatives to match market demand. All Israeli cosmetic manufacturers adhere to the International standards, and work under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.


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