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Great Selection of Laptops Available in Israel

10-10-2013 / By: Phillipa Heathly

Technology plays a big part in our lives and the need to be connected on the go is ever present. We discuss here of the latest laptop offered on the market and available here  in Israel.   

A great all purpose computer is the Acer V5-552G-X414. It has a great design with some great hard ware that packs a punch. You wont have to wait for it to boot up and for the average user provides enough performance to really get your tasks done. Sitting down to watch a movie or some movie clips will be great experience with a 15.6-inch, 1366-by-768-pixel display. Gamers will not be disappointed with this computer as a introductory level with great resolution of 1024 by 768. You might expect the keyboard to be average in this laptops class but the keyboard performance beyond expectation perfect for students or bloggers alike. Its touchpad is probably its only obvious weakness but on the whole it’s a solid offering. The Acer V5 weighs 4.41 pounds and the keyboard is a far cry from other Acer keyboard offerings. The mouse is not as responsive as we had hoped. The V5 lost out on offering storage and memory ports where many laptops deliver. 

The Acer sent is built around an AMD A10-5757M CPU, with integrated HD 8750M graphics. With a 6GBits of memory and a 5400-rpm, 750GB hard drive it all comes together to create a notebook that scored a pedestrian 124 on PCWorld's Notebook WorldBench 8.1 test suite. In conclusion we felt that the machine performed well while on AC power, but when we switched to its battery it lagged trying to preserve the battery’s juice. The games we played worked well and enjoyable utilizing its 1024 by 768 resolutions, which not all laptops on the market could replicate.

The Dell’s XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertibleis a relatively new offering by Dell. It’s an interesting offering by Dell, bringing together a laptop and the trendy forward thinking abilities of a tablet. Dell does an excellent job and bringing these two elements together in a wonderful product. Its thin and light case is powered by Intel’s Haswell processor. The processor provides the backdrop for good battery and general computer performance.

The Dell XP12 has a well sized 12.5 inch touchscreen and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The screen ability to pivot provides the two options of regular computer or tablet once it’s pushed out of its pivoting position to click into tablet mode.

Our test model was an Intel Core i5-4200U processor, 4GB of DDR3/1600 memory, and a 128GB mSATA solid-state drive. It’s had an impressive booting time with windows appearing in 9.2 seconds. The battery life was quite impressive lasting 6 hours, 49 minutes.

This Dell is not for game playing since it uses integrated graphics. Our test game played at 44 frames per second at 1024-by-768-pixel resolution and the visual quality was not upto the standard we have come to expect from laptops. Video looks better even at the high definition. Mini display ports can be used to plug in external displays, useful for presentations. The keyboard feels great and if your typing a lot your will feel the difference compared with other computers. It’s good to know particularly in Israel there are great agents selling Dell computers. An agent, I found to be good was the notebook club.

Our last review is for a Toshiba’s new protיgי business laptop. Powered by the latest Intel processing technology it comes with vPro technology and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support. The computer is fully fitted with a full array of impressive hardware. USB 3.0 ports, full-size VGA and HDMI ports, an SD card reader, gigabit ethernet, and a dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter.

The 14-inch Tecra Z40 and 15.6-inch Tecra Z50 can be ordered with Intel's Core i5 or Core i7 mobile processors, up to 16GB of memory, and mechanical hard drives up to 750GB or SSDs up to 512GB. Toshiba will offer Nvidia GeForce 730M discrete graphics processors as options on both models. The Tecra Z40 is 0.8 inch thick and weighs 3.2 pounds. The Tecra Z50 is also 0.8 inch thick, but heavier at 3.9 pounds.

Toshiba found that business are far more cautious with new operating systems and have decided to ship these computers with windows 7 and windows 8 as an optional upgrade.

The range here, in Israel is really great so enjoy shopping. 
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