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Facts and Myths about Weight Loss and Fitness

01-30-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
There are many misconceptions about weight loss and fitness. While some rules are necessary to follow when trying to stay in shape, but other tips may not be as accurate or can even extenuate your goals to lose weight. With all the suggestions and arguments as to which weight loss fads work the best, it can sometimes be hard to distinct between the ones are true and which are false.

How to Treat Damaged Hair Naturally

01-24-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Hair is considered to be everyones crowning joy.  A lot of people, especially women, spend an exorbitant amount of money and time treating, styling and nourishing their hair. There are many ways for you to make your hair look great such as blow-drying, coloring, straightening, even using hair products.  But if you are not careful, all those things can cause a great deal of damage to your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy or broken.  

Causes and Treatments for Teen Acne

01-16-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Acne is a skin condition that invariably affects most teenagers .This condition results from the action of hormones on the skin's oil glands (sebaceous glands). The sebaceous glands make an oily substance called sebum that empties onto the skin surface through the hair follicle opening (pore). The mixture of oil and cells allows bacteria that normally live on the skin to grow in the follicle openings. When this happens, pores become clogged and pimples develop.

Israeli Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

01-09-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

The Israeli cosmetics industry is well known worldwide for its unique utilization of Dead Sea minerals, coupled with top quality components. These products can be found in the leading chains in the USA, Europe and the Far East. In addition, a number of companies have concentrated on the cosmeceutical market, incorporating exotic components for maximum efficiency. The organic cosmetics trend is also making strides, making use of the latest preservatives to match market demand. All Israeli cosmetic manufacturers adhere to the International standards, and work under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.


Chicken Soup for The Soul

01-08-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

A lot of you may be familiar with the series of Chicken Soup for The Soul books. These books feature a collection of short and dense inspirational stories and motivational essays. The name "Chicken Soup for the Soul" was chosen for this series because of the use of chicken soup as a home remedy for the sick, and therefore it was "good for the body." The inspirational stories included in this series were meant to be "good for the soul.


Industry Solutions for Israeli Security

01-06-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

A lot has been made out of the various technologies that have come out of Israel. With Israel at the forefront of the war on terror for decades, security solutions to help combat terrorism have always been highly sought after. Many of the technologies, which were created with defense uses in mind, have worked their way down, and now also have a consumer application. There is no doubt that Israel has produced some of the best security technologies in the market today, and, as such, there are many attractive investment opportunities in this field.


New Years or Sylvester?

01-06-2013  |  By: Easy Life |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
New Years Eve in Israel has become bigger and bigger in recent years, and whilst not officially celebrated, and there are now hundreds of New Years Eve parties across Israel, as well as many other special events, which cater to all musical, cultural, and social tastes. New Years in Israel is known as Sylvester, and parties are known as Sylvester parties. From the bustling Sylvester parties in Tel Avivs many nightclubs to special concerts and local events, its not too difficult to locate a local New Years event.

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